Bourbon Quest Ep 2 – Hudson Four Grain Bourbon

Fresh off the bumper pilot episode with four bourbons reviewed, comes the follow up Episode 2 featuring a wee little bottle.

This week’s episode is brought to you by the good folks at the slightly hilariously named Tuthilltown Distillery in New York!

Hudson Four Grain Bourbon – The Bull, Westfield Shepherd’s Bush, London

The sight of a fully stocked bar after a long bus ride on a dreary wet London day really warms the heart. The Bull is a fairly nice bar in the sprawling megaplex that is Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush. Think leather sofas.

Bourbon selection is pretty impressive, with Buffalo Trace and Four Roses featuring very heavily in the bar display. However, an inspection of the pouring bar reveals lesser known bourbons like Tincup and our project candidate for today: the Hudson Four Grain Bourbon.

To be honest, although its small size is very cute and iconic, it makes it hard to spot amongst the 70cl bottles!

Tuthilltown Distillery was the first distillery to open in NY post-Prohibition, and is one of the many micro-distilleries that pepper the country today. Their core products are three bourbons: Hudson Baby Bourbon, Hudson Four Grain Bourbon and Hudson, Manhattan Rye, alongside a Single Malt (!!) and a Corn Whiskey.

The Four Grain is made out of, *cue drum roll* four grains. Tada! Corn, Rye, Barley and Wheat. So, what’s the verdict?

The usual bourbon maple syrup flavours are apparent as is the charred, clean tasting first fill oak, with bitter dark cocoa on the nose. The wheat is very pronounced, imparting its slightly herbal sweetness. #meh

The cocoa is a bit of a surprise; apparently the distillery also produces Cacao Liqueur. I wonder if the burnt cocoa somehow infused into the whiskey during its maturation?


Not a big fan of the wheated stuff; but decent whiskey. So the personal verdict is a high #meh, but looking forward to their other products.

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